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All images are © of the photographer and cannot be used without permission. Contact the club for details.


Established 1937

Yeovil Camera Club

Celebrating 80 Years

Est: 1937

Program 2017 - 2018

Celebrating 80 Years         Est: : 1937




4th  Welcome to new members and returning members.

 Images from your Summer adventures.

A very informal evening, welcome to the club and overview of the future from our new chairman. Please send a selection of your images from the summer to ycccompetitionsec@hotmail.co.uk your favourite flowers/pets/family/ days out or something funny from your summer adventure.  

You still have time to join in the summer treasure hunt – see website if you missed it so far.

You still have time to join in the summer treasure hunt – see website if you missed it so far.

11th WCPF Travelling Portfolio.   Hand in Competition 1 - Agriculture.

The club is affiliated to the Western Counties Photographic Federation and the travelling print exhibition is made up of prints chosen from those high scoring prints that did not quite make it into the final selection of the 2017 WCPF Members Exhibition together with the medal winning prints and circulated to clubs for their appreciation and enjoyment.  It’s an interesting and stimulating collection of images.

18th  Dr. Barry Senior FRPS. APAGB.   How did you do that ?

25th   First Competition - Agriculture.

Images from this competition may be used in the Sherborne Bradford Abbas Shield competition in October - help us win it back!  (We won it in 2015)



2nd   Derek Bowden LRPS - Levitation.   Practical - Bring Camera and Tripod.

Derek is a club member and will be showing us how to take and then process the images to give the illusion of people and objects floating in mid air.  You will need camera and a tripod.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TRIPOD, LET WENDY KNOW – they can be borrowed or shared.

9th   Results Summer Treasure Hunt, - Bring images on a stick.

Bring you images for the Summer treasure hunt on a memory stick there were 25 items to photograph.  Mostly for fun – there will be a silly prize!

16th   Graham Trott - Cider Makers.

Graham Trott is a locally based international photo-journalist.  He will share his time spent with some Somerset Cider makers through poignant images and Video.

23rd   Table top Critique Steph & Wendy - Bring prints.

Bring some prints (don’t worry about mounts).  Then we will score prints and discuss their pros and cons.  (All will be anonymous)

24th Tuesday  Sherborne & Bradford Abbas Shield Competition - Agriculture.

30th  Clive Pembury - Basic Camera Techniques.  Practical - Bring Camera & Tripod.   

Clive is a club member and will show us some basic camera techniques for new members to start on if necessary, and advanced features as new ideas for those who’ve never considered them and reminders to those who already know e.g. exposure and flash compensation.


6th   How to enter competitions and present images mount cutting


Prepare for Battle of Sedgemoor.

13th  Duncan Simey - Cave Exploration in Spain and Finland.   Hand in Competition 2.

Print - Weather. DPI - Any Old Iron.

Duncan is a local photographer who has spoken many times in the past to the club.  He has recently taken lots of cave photographs in Spain and Finland which he will be showing and explaining the stories behind them.

20th   Maurice Pugh - Looking at Nature.

Maurice will show images of Deer, Butterflies, Moths, Dragonflies and other insects, Orchids, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers and other Woodland Birds. There will be hints and tips on how the images were taken.  Maurice has a passion for Natural History and combines it with Photography, making both hobbies enjoyable. He has been a member of Southampton Camera Club since 1994. He held posts on the Club committee, the External Competition Selection committee and was the Internal Print Competition Secretary for a number of years.  Since 1995 he was associated with the running of the Southampton International Exhibition. He assisted the Exhibition slide secretary and shortly afterwards became the Slide Secretary, followed by the now very popular Digital Projected Images. He was one of the Natural History judges at the Southampton International Exhibition in 2014.He has gained numerous awards in camera club competitions, both at Federation and International levels. The highest award was a PSA Silver medal for the best Natural History image in the Bristol International Salon.   

27th   Second Competition Print - Weather. DPI - Any Old Iron.



4th   Sid Jones "Monoland"  A Monochrome Print Project.

Sid is a member of Dorchester Camera Club and a WCPF judge, having judged several competitions here for us.  Tonight he will be talking about a personal project of several years’ images of (mostly) local landscapes in Mono.

5th Tuesday  Battle Sedgemoor - The Pipers Inn, Ashcott.

11th   Be a judge for the evening - Bring images prints & DPIs.

Bring some images, prints or DI and let’s see if we can, collectively, get into the minds of judges and what they really think!!

18th   Christmas lights  -   Bring Camera & Tripod. Wear warm clothes.

25th   Merry Christmas  -  No Meeting.

January 2018

1st   Happy New Year  -  No Meeting.

8th  Clive Pembury  -  Photoshop CC one year on.

Clive will be following on from his previous talk last year on photo editing.  This will show where he has gone with the year and range from ways of setting up white balance very accurately, to various photo manipulation projects.


15th   Huw Alban   -  50/50.   Hand in Competition 3.    Print - Street Photography.   DPI - Architecture Interior/exterior.

22nd   Members Evening.

29th   Third Competition    Print - Street Photography.   DPI Architecture Interior/exterior.


5th  Derek Bowden LRPS  -  Wood.   Practical still life - Bring Camera & Tripod.

12th   Fish & Chips Supper.   Hand in Triptych Competition.

19th   Processing  -  I did it my way.

26th   Triptych Competition.


5th   Members evening   Practical.

12th   John Crabtree  -  Birds & Wildlife.   Start of "What is this" ?   Objects from a different angle.

19th   10 Minutes of Fame

26th   Answers to "What is this" ? Hand in Cave & Mockeridge Competition.



2nd   Happy Easter No Meeting

9th   Cave & Mockeridge Competition.

16th  Laura Pearce LRPS - Portrait Photography.   Theory and Demonstration.

23rd  Laura Pearce LRPS - Portrait Photography Practical   Bring Camera & Tripod.

30th  Pauline Dagnall  -  Confessions of a Rock Chick.


7th   May Day - No Meeting.

14th  Tony Gill - Local Landscapes.

21st   AGM and Presentations.

28th   Late Spring Bank Holiday - No Meeting.

June - August

Out & About Details to be emailed